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Samsung Service Center in Kolkata

Dynamic Electronics Samsung Service Center in Kolkata Own a home appliance product from Samsung that needs to be repaired? Worried about the hidden and unwanted costs involved in repairing your products from authorized Samsung service centers? You don’t have to worry anymore!

We are a Home appliance repair and maintenance center located in Kolkata. We specialize in repairing any Samsung product of any make or model. Samsung Service Center in Kolkata offers services throughout the city from Amherst Street to Nowbhanga. And we are proud to tell you that we offer a door-step service within 24 hours or same-day service of complaint registration, so our customers need not worry about transport allowances.

Samsung has not just captured the smartphone market of India, with its innovative and creative solutions it has secured a safe position in, home appliance and accessories markets as well. Some of the products we repair and provide maintenance on a daily basis are listed below:

Samsung OLED / LED / LCD TVs:

When it comes to LED or OLED Panels, Samsung has proven to be one of the best producers of vivid and sharp panels with proper pixel density. Even the best panels and TVs that Samsung produces will face issues due to lack of maintenance or due to other reasons. If you’re one such customer, facing issues related to LED Panels, Electric instability, Audio/Video issues, Unknown settings issues, Wall-mount Installation requirement for your Samsung OLED / LED / LCD TVs we’re here for you! We at Samsung Service Center in Kolkata offer services for any TV make or model and we use genuine replacement parts that come with an extended warranty. That way you’ll never face this issue again.

Samsung Air Conditioners:

Samsung’s AC line up is full of efficient and eco-friendly Air conditioners. Also not to forget all their ACs are 5-Star ACs, meaning less electricity consumption.

The most common problems we see on a day-to-day basis in Samsung ACs are Gas refill, No/Less cooling, Noise problems, Water leakage problems, Replacement of damaged parts of ACs, Filter related issues like cleaning and replacement of air filters and Ducting related problems of your Samsung Air Conditioners. If your problem is listed above and you want to get rid of this issue as soon as possible, make no delays. Get in touch with us immediately and we’ll send our technicians right to your doorstep to get the job done in a matter of minutes!

Samsung Refrigerators:

Samsung released multiple variants of Refrigerators such as Top Freezer, Side-by-side, Bottom Freezer, French door, and Counter-depth. Samsung Service Center in Kolkata has technicians who can repair any model or variant of Samsung Refrigerators. We tackle issues such as Water leakage caused due to de-frost drain pipe or clogged pipelines, Evaporator or Compressor damage, Damage of Condensor coils causing noise, Thermostat malfunctioning, Frost Build-up and many more. Having trouble with your food compartment or vegetables getting frost due to irregular temperature controls? Contact us right away! We’ll take care of your machine as our own!

Samsung Washing Machines:

Samsung’s Front-load. Top-load washing machines use bubble wash technology to remove stains and keep the clothes intact without any fiber loss. But even magnificent machines face issues from time to time. Samsung Service Center in Kolkata has a specialized technician team who can take care of all your troubles with proper solutions designed specifically for Samsung Washing Machines. Some of the most common problems of Samsung Washing machines are Noise related issues, Water Inlet/Outlet issues, Drainpipe damage or replacement, Machine involuntary movement, Drain/Fill Hose problems, Front-load door functions, Timer Knob issues on Semi-automatic washing machines, Washing machine motor-related issues and so on.

Apart from these known products if you own a Samsung product that is not listed above that needs repair or maintenance, you can call us and get in touch with our customer support team and they’ll guide through your next steps.


If you’re hesitant, here are a few traits of Samsung Service Center in Kolkata that none of our competitors have or provide:

  1. Get your appliances repaired in a Single Visit: All our technicians perform repairs in an effective manner, making sure that they don’t leave any errors behind. Such way we provide our customers with 100% customer satisfaction. Moreover, our repair services come with a warranty. Just in case, if any problem arises after we take care of the repairs at free of cost.
  2. Genuine Samsung replacement parts: If there arises a situation of replacing a damaged part in your home appliance, Samsung Service center in Kolkata technicians only use genuine Samsung parts and the best part, we offer them at a discounted price!
  3. Affordable Pricing: We care about our customers. This trait of ours has been a founding principle. We want to change the perception of customers who feel that getting appliances is a burden to We can always find a good service center in Kolkata who can repair every Samsung Appliance they own at a very reasonable price.
  4. Doorstep Service within 24 hours: If you’re a resident in Kolkata and have a Samsung home appliance that needs repair assistance, pick up your phone and contact us today, no matter where you reside, our technicians will be at your doorstep within 24 hours from the point of contact.
  5. Transparent Service: If you own a new piece of appliance and you’re looking for Installation service or your home appliances are malfunctioning and you need immediate assistance, call us right away, we offer 100% customer satisfied services that include our customers every step of the way. That way, our customers feel inclusive throughout the process and that builds trust between our customers and our service.

Apart from the listed traits above, We at Samsung Service Center in Kolkata, are a team of expert technicians who have been specially trained to deal with all types of Samsung Home appliances and accessories. Rest assured, when a technician handles your product, it is in safe hands. So get in touch with us today to relieve yourselves from the stress of malfunctioning appliances!  Call us today: 9393538580