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Refrigerator Service Center in Kolkata

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If you own a refrigerator that is troubling you lately with an excess water leakage or freezer compartment not functioning properly then you are in need of an expert service center to get your problem resolved in a matter of minutes! Luckily we the Refrigerator Service Center in Kolkata are here at your service!

We are a multi-brand refrigerator service center that operates swiftly with the aid of our professional technician team who have both experience and excellence. Our technicians specialize in repairing any make/model refrigerators without any hassle. Moreover, our technicians come from an extremely well-trained; authorized service center background. Rest assured, your refrigerator is in safe hands.

Refrigerator Service Center in Kolkata brings services right to your doorstep. Meaning, we offer doorstep service within 24 hours from your point of contact. Our technicians reach your location, conduct a free evaluation of your refrigerator and provide an estimate for the repairs and replacements required. If you’re okay with the pricing we get into work without any delay. The repairmen bring the required tools and equipment based on your complaint registered with our customer support team. We also carry genuine spare parts for damaged part replacements. We aspire to provide services that rate us as the best multi-brand refrigerator service center in the whole of Kolkata!

How does Refrigerator Service Center in Kolkata work?

  1. You can get in touch with our customer support team using our contact details and discuss the noticeable problems of your Specific brand, Make and model of your Refrigerator. Our customer support team will book an appointment for you based on your schedule and availability. And guide you through your next steps.
  2. Once an appointment is booked, our expert technician or technicians will reach at your doorstep anywhere in Kolkata to offer free evaluation and estimation for the repairs to be made.
  3. And then they would start working on your Refrigerator and make sure to fix your machine in a single visit.
  4. If there are any damaged parts that needs to be replaced, our technicians from Refrigerator Service Center in Kolkata will only use that particular brand’s genuine spare parts.
  5. We also provide a service warranty. So if there’s any issue from our end, we take full responsibility and get the repair done for free.

In some cases, if your Refrigerator has to be taken back to our service center, we will take care of your machine by offering Free pickup and dropoff for your Refrigerators. All in all, Refrigerator Service Center in Kolkata operates and provides service in any part of Kolkata. We’re just a call away!

Common repairs in Refrigerators:

We encounter many problems from day-to-day. But as a multi-brand refrigerator service center, irrespective of brands/make/model we observe a similar set of problems that our technicians deal with on a regular basis. Some of these problems include

  • Water Leakage problems caused as a result of the de-frost drain pipe
  • Water leakage issue due to clogged pipelines
  • Freezer temperature fluctuations caused due to damage of Evaporator fan or Compressor
  • Damaged Condensor coils producing feeble noise
  • Thermostat dysfunctions affecting food in the freezing compartment
  • Food compartment is warming up instead of cooling
  • Gas in the refrigerator is leaking
  • Gas Refill for your refrigerator
  • Frost Build-up (More than required)

These are a few common problems that our technicians see and repair in all types of Refrigerators. Apart from the problems, our technicians are professional and efficient enough to deal with any types and brands of refrigerators be it Single-Door, Double-Door (Frost free fridge), Side-by-side doors fridge and so on.

Why Choose Us?

Now that you are aware of our capabilities, you’re probably wondering that, of all the service centers in the city and authorized service centers of that particular brand, why should you choose the Refrigerator service center in Kolkata?

To answer your question, With an authorized service center technicians visiting your place for repairs, they will charge a lot compared to our service center. Initially they charge for consultation, then they charge for repairing your refrigerator and if there is a damaged part that needs to be replaced you will be easily charged a lot more than your budget. So choosing an authorized center to repair your faulty home appliance comes with a burden of spending a lot of money than expected costs.

And when it comes to repairing centers that are locally available, they won’t provide warranty for the services they offer. In fact, they would end up damaging your Refrigerator even more due to lack of experience. And when you blame them for the damages, you’d be the one ending up with a worsened product of no use.

Of all the reasons mentioned above, the major factor that makes us a great service center in and around Kolkata is that we offer transparent services with no hidden costs or gimmicks to our customers. As an experienced service center, we’ve always included our customers throughout the process that way our customers know what is happening and what to expect in the future. That also helps us build a rapport with our customers and build trust which is very much necessary in this line of business. Moreover, we care about our customers and strive for 100% customer satisfaction.

Above all, we wanted our customers to feel that getting their Refrigerators repaired from a top-notch multi-brand Refrigerator service center in Kolkata shouldn’t be a bane. Instead, it should be frugal and most affordable. So we offer discounts on the whole bill at the end, making sure that the customer feels that we are at their service at any given time and at a very reasonable price.

So if you don’t want to risk damaging your appliance and if you want to get your damaged Refrigerator repaired with the help of expert technicians, doorstep service, genuine spare parts for replacement, 24 hours prompt service, 24/7 customer support, Free evaluation and estimation for your repairs, free product pickup/delivery, 100% transparency and all the above mentioned at a reasonable and budget-friendly service, Contact Refrigerator Service Center in Kolkata today.  9393538580